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Parent Ed: Sexual Health Workshop

Doncaster parents and caregivers, you are invited!
Power Up Workshop - Sexual Health education by Kerri Isham
Kerri Isham is a knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate educator, coach and facilitator dedicated to excellence and committed to the sexual empowerment of people of all ages. She is a skilled presenter and excellent communicator. Her primary goal is to make exploring sexual health fun and meaningful, and to alleviate the shame and embarrassment sometimes associated with this extremely important topic.
Kerri is from Nanaimo and facilitates the “Power Up” workshops around B.C. Further information can be found on her website.
This workshop for parents and caregivers will cover:
– why body science should be taught early;
– what students are expected to learn at each grade level and why;
– barriers to talking about sexual health;
– answer any questions that parents may have.
K-3 sexual health education focuses on abuse prevention while the grade 4-7 curriculum focuses on puberty, hygiene, and healthy decision-making. 
Educating ourselves … Educating kids
This FREE presentation is brought to you by the Doncaster PAC.
Although the workshop is free, please REGISTER on Eventbrite so that we know how many people to expect.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Garry Oak Meadow Restoration

The Garry Oak area, also known as “the Magic Forest”, at the edge of Doncaster school (at Thistle St) was routinely used during school hours as an outdoor classroom, and outside school hours as a natural playground. In January 2017, the area was closed by the School District for safety reasons, and has not been used since.

We are excited to announce that change is on the way – thanks to the generous support of Patrick J McNally Charitable Foundation! Their donation of $10,395 will fully cover the cost of the arborist work required to tend to the trees and make the area safe for everyone.

In addition, the School District has agreed to take responsibility for maintaining the area once it has been re-opened for school use.

We look forward to having the Magic Forest back!